Monday, May 14, 2007

It's a..........

So this is the news that I've been meaning to post about for a while but I really wanted to wait until my ultrasound (which was today) to make sure things were progressing nicely with my pregnancy.
JENNA'S GOING TO HAVE A BABY BROTHER/SISTER!!!! The little peanut was moving around like crazy today and my heart skipped a beat. I've only ever been pregnant once before but, sadly, that ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks so to this little being inside of me looking like a real live baby just sort of took my breath away.
On March 10th, we transferred our 3 last remaining embryos that had been frozen for last 2 1/2 years. On transfer day, the embriologist showed us our thawed babies and said that they certainly weren't of the best quality but if we wanted, they could transfer all 3 of them anyway. I figured we had nothing left to lose at this point so they went ahead and transferred all 3. Two weeks later, after peeing on a stick, we knew, and the rest is history! I really think that having my Jenna around to keep me pre-occupied really helped in making this cycle, out of the previous 6 cycles, successful. There was just no time to dwell on every little thing that could go wrong. I guess I had also surrendered to the fact that if this didn't work out, well that was okay too, because we were blessed with Jenna and there was no need to want anymore. But now we're going to be blessed with one more and we couldn't be any happier!
The baby is scheduled to arrive on November 28th, 2007. This could be a realllllly long summer! But one I'd gladly sweat through!


Dawn and Dale said...

Oh my goodness!!!!

Congratulations!! That is awesome news!! You must be over the moon and back!!!

I'm sooo happy for you and will be keeping this pregnancy in my prayers.

K said...

Wow!!!! Congratulations to all of you!

I'm so thrilled for you. And I'm glad you have this blog and are willing to share. I look forward to reading all about your journey. :-)

And, hey, I hope you're taking advantage of your "condition" and pampering yourself. It's really shameful how many times I tried to use the "but I'm expecting" card during the wait to travel to China. Ha ha. I suspect it will work better if you actually have a baby growing inside you.


Anonymous said...

OMG. That is sooo cool! I'm so happy for you.


Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...


The m/s has kicked my butt over the last few weeks that I don't even have the energy to milk it! But the husband is doing a darn fine job of helping me out whenever and however he can....he's truly a keeper!

Beth and Shayna said...

Wow, that is so great! I am just so happy for you all. Here is to a calm and cool summer for you! Jenna is going to be a great big sister.