Sunday, February 26, 2006

No good news

There's no easy way to say it, so I will just say it. We missed the cut off for referrals this month by 6 days. Actually, 4 business days, but who the hell's counting right??? I just feel defeated. This is the news I read early Saturday morning:

The CCAA has finished the placement of children for the families whose adoption application documents were registered with our office before May 25, 2005.

Keep in mind, our LID (Log In Date) is May 31st, 2005. Now that I've calmed down a little from what seemed to be the worst possible news I could have gotten, I can take this news and try to see the positives:

  1. I can completely finish the nursery (this means spend more money)
  2. I can get locky thingys for all the doors and cabinets so she doesn't decide to drink a bottle of Drano or nail polish remover (this also means spend more money)
  3. I can go on one last un-kid-friendly holiday, like the last 3 times in Vegas and once in New York in the past year (this also means more $$$)
  4. I can keep going out to weekly movie matinees (you guessed it, more money...see the trend?)
  5. and so on, and so on.....

I thought for sure our LID would be included in this go-round but again, I was mistaken. The ONLY good thing out of this all is that we are definitely, positively, unequivocally, unmistakenly NEXT!!!! So lets hope this month goes by quickly and my next post WILL have more positive news, I promise.

Until then, we pray that our Jenna is safe, happy, healthy and loved.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Jenna needs us too!!!

So I spent some time reading blogs over the weekend (more time than I'd care to publicly mention...and to be honest, not just during the weekends, but every freakin' day, 10 times a day!! I need an intervention!) and there seems to be an interesting video link racing through blogworld over the past few days and after watching it, I thought I would share it here as well. (The 7 minute one is worth a look)

I always thought my journey to motherhood was a selfish one...I wanted a baby because I wanted to be a mother. Even when our efforts at having our own were futile, I still knew I wanted to be a mother, and regardless of how it was going to happen, it was just going to happen. Period. End of story. Selfish? Maybe. Determined? Hell yes. I guess, after watching the video, it made me realize that our Jenna needs us as her family just as much as we long for her.

And the damn video made me cry and that doesn't happen often!!! So enjoy!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Tick, tock, tick tock...

There continues to be no news on the referral front. I'm starting to believe Children's Bridge when they said that the next set of referrals will not show up until sometime in March. I suppose it's already the middle of February, which only leaves a few more weeks until March. All this waiting is beginning to get quite comical in a way. I'm asked almost daily by people who I've shared our adoption with "have you heard anything? is the baby here? do you have a picture? how much longer?.......". Believe me, there's nothing in this world I'd love more than to have more information for y'all, but I don't. But let me just say, when I do get referral, the whole dang world will know it, that's for damn sure! In the meantime, I pray that our Jenna is safe, happy and above all, loved. We'll be there soon, I promise!

Well, the nursery is ALMOST done. I say almost because I'm cautious to buy any more things for it just in case we get referred a boy. Now, this isn't all that common but it has certainly been known to happen. And not that we wouldn't be happy with a boy, because however way our family grows is fine by me. Plus, I always get the urge to buy clothes and being as though I don't know her age and size, or gender for that matter, I may be shopping in vane (shopping in vane??? unheard of!). I've already bought about 5 or so cute little dresses and girly sleepers but there are no shortage of baby girls within my circle of friends so I'm sure they'll be worn!! In any case, I've really tried to hold off on the clothing front. I will be going to New York for a few days of shopping next week so hopefully I'll find some really cute things for the nursery while I'm there.

Here are some before and after pictures of the baby room:

The color of the walls are a little hard to see but it's a pale lilac and is soooo pretty. The theme for her room will be "Noah's Arc". I know the bedding looks sort of "boyish" but it does have a little pink and purple in it....honest! A big "Thank You" goes out to my mother-in-law and her partner for putting the crib together. It was a nice surprise to come home and see it all put together.

This weekend OneG agreed to go shopping for the stroller, car seat and high chair. (although when I thought of it late last night in bed, it could have just been a grunt that I took for a yes....we'll see) The last time I was at eChildren, I saw a stroller for $1200!!!! I asked how come the hefty price tag and she said it was made in Holland. Well, that answered my question.....NOT! Oh, and the fact that you can lift it with just one pinky. Again, something I look for when purchasing a stroller. Now who in their right mind would buy a stroller for that kind of money???? Not even me folks! But I must admit, things in the baby world ARE NOT CHEAP! This I am finding out quickly.

Well, that's it for this week folks.