Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy (Belated) Chinese New Years!!!

I had all these great plans to partake in Chinese New Year's celebrations this weekend but I found it more necessary to try and finish up Jenna's room. It is now fully painted and all her furniture now sits in her new room (albeit in pieces, but it's in there damnit!!). And holy man are there a lot of pieces. Good luck OneG (my new computer name for my hubby...cute huh) on putting it together by yourself as we both know that we don't work well together at the best of times. But I did mention to OneG and a few friends that from now on, I will be hosting a yearly CNY celebration to honor Jenna's homeland. I'll have to do some research on traditional customs (like asking my SIL who is Chinese) and try to incorporate that into it, but for people who know me, entertaining is my second name. OneG just shook his head when I shared this news, probably thinking that it's just one more reason for me to throw a party.....and he's right!

Now onto some news, or lack thereof. For what it's worth, here what Children's Bridge had to say in their weekly newsletter:

I am leading off with unhappy news, with no easy way to convey it. I have no positive news on referrals this week, nor will I for another month. The cut off date for matching of referrals this month is May 13th, 2005. Regrettably, this means CB will not receive any referrals.CCAA will close for a week for Lunar New Year. This means the next group of referrals likely will not come until early March. Then we expect to receive groups 230, 231 registered on May 16th and, if our luck changes, Group 232, registered in China on May 31st. Time lines from registration at CCAA to referral is now at ten months, with travel about two months later.On the upside we have no sense that the China program is in jeopardy overall. Adoptions are still happening and will continue, if more slowly.

I'm hoping that the part that says "early March" for referral is just them being extra cautious. Like what happened to February?? They could still match in Februray, no? Am I grasping at straws here?? Oh well, I guess in the meantime, we'll finish up the nursery and get the house baby-ready. It's almost February so what's ANOTHER month right?

Sunday, January 29, 2006


Could there be a cuter pink elephant in the whole wide universe!!!

Jenna's first elephant....(courtesy of our local truck stop where we had brunch today. Yes people, big burly truckers also find the need to purchase soft fluffy pink elephants at a truck stop after a long haul...where's your head!!)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Still no news...

Whoever said "no news is good news" needs to have their head examined!! I can't say I'm getting better at this "waiting" stuff, however, Jenna's room has finally been cleared of stray furniture and is ready to be worked on this week (hopefully).

Here is the latest update from Children's Bridge:

Normal procedure for CCAA is to send referrals out before Lunar New Year, which would mean by the end of next week with arrival the following week of the 30th. The lingering question for us is if there will be any for our families. The cut off date for this month’s referrals has not been set yet as CCAA ascertains how many children it can match and to what registration date that will take them. As our next groups were logged in May 16th the cut off date may preclude us. Fingers crossed that we make it in under the wire as I know you all want some more positive news.

So there you have it folks, no news.

This is a picture of the "Matching Room". All the files you see in this picture is of waiting families. Pick ours, pick ours, pick ours!!!! It's right there, just pick it already!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Trying to look on the bright side

Well today, the highly anticipated weekly update from our agency was right there, sitting in my inbox this morning, looking all glorious and full of hope with good news and positive thoughts....until I opened it of course! There was good news and bad news.... Good news is that our group (232) is still one group closer to getting our referrals as Group 229 received theirs this week (that is me looking on the bright side). Bad news is that the wait could very well be a bit longer than we expected:

"....we have to give you rather unhappy news. Group 229’s files were registered at the CCAA in the latter part of April 2005. The CCAA is only matching two weeks of files per month now, having dropped from two months worth at one stage, to one month, now to only two weeks. This means that in February, they will only match files registered before May 15th, 2005. Our next groups, 230, 231 and 232 were all registered after May 16th 2005. Accordingly, we anticipate we will not receive any referrals in February. This also means that time from registration to referral is creeping up to ten months and we expect it soon will be a year to referral. Families in waiting should anticipate these longer time lines and plan accordingly.We understand that this is discouraging for many of you and not the way we would choose to start the New Year.CCAA Director Lu, in a recent speech, indicated that the number of healthy babies in China is in decline while the number of families wishing to adopt keeps growing. CCAA simply cannot match all the waiting families as quickly as the families, and in fact CCAA, likes. They have effectively put on the brakes.We appreciate this unexpected and rather sudden increase in wait times is hard to take, and has thrown off planning for many of you. It is the unfortunate reality of international adoption that anything from changes in waiting time, to closures of programs, can happen in the blink of an eye and with no forewarning."

It's so hard to not be in control!!! I like to be in control!!!

With all this waiting, one would think I'm giving birth to an Asian elephant (average gestation: 645 days)!!!

Monday, January 02, 2006

Rainy days and Mondays....

So it's not raining (it's January in Northern Alberta), but it is Monday. I thought for sure I would have some great news to share by this time but unfortunately I don't. I suppose it was wishful thinking on our part to think that we would have our Jenna home for Christmas, but I thought we would at least have a referral by now. We're still waiting, very impatiently I might add, for that glorious phone call. Okay....maybe I'm the only one impatiently waiting...Gary is my tower of strength!! The beginning of December brought news of extended wait times for referrals increasing from 6-7 months to 9 months. Here is what the CCAA printed on their website:

"Recently, there are many speculations on the waiting time period for adoption process for inter-country adoption coming to China to adopt children. The following will help clarify such concerns: CCAA highly emphasizes on efficiency, effectiveness and quality, we have put unremitting effort to achieve this. But the length of processing time after adoptive family apply for their application is correlated with the number of inter-country adopting families and the number with the adopting children waiting to be adopted. If the number of adoptive families is higher than the number of children to be adopted, the waiting period will be extended, on the other hand, if the number of children waiting for adoption out numbers the number of adoptive families, then the waiting period will be shortened. Therefore, the waiting period for adoptive families will vary according to this and not due to inefficiency or other controlling factors."

Simple enough right? This would mean that we should expect our referral in February/March. The only good news I have to report is that, according to the CCAA website, they have now finished the review of all adoption applications registered with their office in May 2005. (Ours was registered May 31st, whew...that was close!) So now our application will go to the "matching room" where they will make our family. Around this time last year when we were beginning our homestudy, I just thought that the making of "our family" was so far away that I couldn't even grasp the concept of it. But I suppose having been through all we'd been through at that point, it was natural to be a bit pessimistic. I remember our social worker saying "just remember that no matter how long and frustrating the wait, know that at the exact moment that your daughter is chosen for you, she's the one you're meant to have". I've been thinking about that alot in the last little while, because it just seems that the closer I think we are, we're faced with yet another hurdle. But I guess I thought we'd never get to this point and we have so I suppose I should just be happy about that! (Can you hear my "Glass 1/2 full" chant right now!!) Only a few more months away...