Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Catch up...

I kept meaning to find some time to update my blog, but alas, I've not been very good at it. I did manage to finally download some new pictures from the camera so here they are!

We just got back from Vegas last week. It was a long 5 days, the longest we've ever spent in Vegas. We went with some friends of ours and Grandma and Grandpa. It was okay but I don't think I'd ever take Jenna there again. I don't know what I was thinking in the first place. It was hard for me to have fun and let lose because I was always worried about her and felt bad that GMa and GPa were looking after her....and also being pregnant and not being able to enjoy some nice icy 'beverages' in the heat. There will be lots of time for Vegas when the kids are older but I think the only vacations we'll be taking are 'kid friendly' ones!

We do, however, leave for California the end of June and will be flying to my sisters' and then hopping on another plane the very next day to head to San Diego. I can't wait. I just LOVE Sea World.

I'm finally starting my 2nd trimester and actually starting to feel human again. The nausea and vomiting really kicked my butt but now I seem to have more energy and a bit more of an appetite (YIKES!). All in all, things are progressing quite nicely.

Jenna and her 3rd haircut!!! Her hair grows amazingly fast and is so thick...makes her mama envious!

Jenna striking a pose.

Jenna with her grandparents in Vegas watching the light show on Fremont Street. She was a little unsure of the loud sounds though.

This is the infamous quart of milk that we ordered from room service. It cost us $13.00!!!! She drank every bit of that milk though! Nothing's too good for my baby girl. ($13.00 for a quart of milk though.....come on!)

Jenna loves to sit on things and will tell you to sit along side with her. But she REALLY loves to sit INSIDE of things, regardless of whether or not her cute little butt will fit into it. Too cute. Also, notice she's sporting the famous "bed head".

Just this past weekend, Jenna's little friends came over for a play date. They had fun playing in the yard and chasing all the bubbles from the bubble machine. Jenna loved it so much that I went and bought one of her very own!

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Beth and Shayna said...

It sounds like you are doing great and having some fun. Jenna is so cute with her haircut. Three haircuts? I have yet to do one on Shayna, I am too chicken. Have a great time in Cali. We will be in San Fran late this summer.