Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy Gotcha Day Anniversary Baby!

Two days ago last year, we boarded a plane to China. I remember feeling like it was all a dream, that the weeks of packing and making lists would continue and we’d never actually make it to China. I guess I just couldn’t believe that after waiting for soooo long, it was finally going to happen. That we were going to get our little girl. Was she going to like us? Was she going to cry inconsolably for days on end? Would she not want to come to me? Was she going to be sick? All these questions raced through my head up until the minute she was handed to me. At that very minute, I knew she was going to be just fine. She stared at me with such seriousness. Then, I handed her to her daddy and they both stared at each other with such seriousness. Then she whimpered the cutest little whimper. Even that little whimper broke my heart because I knew she was scared. There was so much going on in that tiny little banquet room it would have been hard for anyone to concentrate but I tell you, I don’t recall any of the background goings on. I only had eyes for my baby. She only really started to cry when it was time to go upstairs to our hotel room and at the time, I thought the crying would never end, but in reality, looking back, it really wasn’t all that long. I just seemed so at the time.
I remember how small she was sitting on that bed, wearing a little diaper shirt that was miles too big for her that it hung off her shoulders. The next 2 weeks in China after getting her all seems like a big blur to me. It all just happened so fast. I loved being there with my new little family but I also knew that I wanted to get home and show her a new life, far different from what I seen in China. Not necessarily a better life, but a new one, filled with more love that she might have ever known. I sometimes wonder what her life would be like had we not met. I know she would be loved because knowing her as I do, I couldn’t ever imagine anyone being with her and not loving every bit of her to pieces. She is just that wonderful and easy to love. More importantly, I often wonder what MY life would be like, and it's sometimes hard for me to even imagine a time when I didn't have her. I do know that my life wouldn't be what it is without her. And that’s what makes me appreciate her more, love her more, hug her more and kiss her more because she has enriched our lives in ways I just can't even put into words.

Tomorrow will be our official “1 Year Anniversary”. I know I say it all the time, but she really is just the happiest little baby girl I’ve ever met. Sure we have our days, I’m certainly not saying she’s perfect all the time. But in the last few months, she has certainly blossomed into a full fledged toddler, equipped with a little attitude and words such as “NO” and “MINE”. It’s enough to drive a mother crazy but she’s finding her way in this world and her little personality is coming out more and more. And I know this phase shall pass and I have to be thankful that it’s not any worse…because believe me, I’ve seen worse! She’s very inquisitive, funny and loves nothing more than hanging out with Daddy or dance around when you sing to her.

Mommy and Daddy love you Jenna
This is the video I made shortly after we came home with of my very favorites.

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Beth and Shayna said...

Happy one year anniversary! What a special day for you all.