Thursday, May 11, 2006

We have a date!!!!

So I just got back from sunny California (wayyyy to hot for this cold-blooded gal) and yes, I did alot of shopping. There were just too many cute outfits to pass up, I wanted them ALL!!!

So we will be leaving for China on Friday, June 30th and coming home on Friday, July 14th. That gives us exactly 7 weeks and 1 day to get our (err, I mean my) ass in gear! There are so many things to get done that I'm afraid I'll be in over-drive for most of the wait. There are still quite a few things left to do in Jenna's room as well as finishing and gathering up all the paperwork, going through the 100 list of things that still need to be packed and purchased (in-China gifts, medicine, baby toiletries, etc, etc), my head is spinning just thinking of it all.

Also, before I left, we received the translated referral documents and all checked out well with our adoption practitioner. Here are just a few things we learnt about her:

  • She was found at the entrance of the Wanzai Social Welfare Institute on the same day she was born (July 26, 2005) by the Vice Director of the institute.
  • She had a red birth note that had her birthdate written on it
  • She was sent to foster care on November 14th (at 3 1/2 months old)
  • As a newborn, she was quiet and smart
  • She seldom cried
  • At 4 months (when the report was written) she was attracted by her hands and liked to stare at them
  • She loves having a bath or playing in the water
  • She likes to stroll the streets (I'm assuming this means she likes to be outside??)

On the day she was born, I was at a friends' cabin out at Pigeon Lake for a couple of days. It was her birthday (yes, she has the same birthday as my Jenna) so we went golfing and later celebrated with a carrot cake that I had made her....

Little did we know that while celebrating her "29th" birthday (right LC?), we were also celebrating the birth of my daughter!!! How weird is that!

Also, I got these chocolate birth announcements made last week. Aren't they cute!!!!!

My head just hasn't been the same since we received referral. The last week and a half has just been such a blur and I find it hard to concentrate. During the day, she is all I think about and when I close my eyes, she is all I see.

Thanks to everyone who's been following along and sent their good wishes. It means alot to us!


Glo said...

Well congratulations on your good news. Now you know for sure where the end of the tunnel is, and when you walk out into the light of a new forever family with your little girl. You are right, time will definitely fly now. The stress of not knowing when the wait will be over is now gone for you. Its a new stress pumped by lots of adrenalin. You will get it all done. Do not forget to sleep sometimes though, as you will definitely need that sleep come travel time. Best wishes to you.

Lorraine - Saskatoon said...

So excited, you are going to have so much fun these next few weeks getting ready for your trip.

Bee's Blog said...

I am so happy for you that you have travel dates. We are hoping to learn something within the next two weeks.

I love the chocolate bars, so cute.

Also, how amazing you were eating birthday cake the same day Jenna came into the world. I believe things happen for a reason each day, and that is proof! Now start packing....

Anonymous said...

To Jenna,
Where's my chocolate bar?
Love your friend who is waiting for you to come home and have play-dates with,
Vanessa xxx

Debbie & Kirk said...

Absolutley love your baby announcement chocolates!!! What a great idea. We are LID of Sep 7 so we still have awhile to go!! Delays are driving us CRAZY. Anyway I have been racking my brains trying to figure out a unique way to do our special baby announcement and just love what you have done. Would you mind sharing where you ordered these from. LOVE YOUR CREATIVITY!!! and congratuations on your very special delivery from China