Monday, May 01, 2006

Questions, questions, questions.....

Now that all the "when do you get referral?" questions no longer apply, now all I'm hearing is "when do you get her?". Honest question, and quite frankly, we don't have any definite dates yet. All I know is that we were told by our agency that travel is expected to happen the end of June or beginning of July. Right now, Children's Services has faxed over our referral to CB where it will get translated (why? because I can't read Chinese). Then CB will forward a copy back to Children's Services and to us which we will then take to a local Adoption Practitioner who will, based on the medical information provided on the referral, make an assessment on the health of the baby. We will read over the assessment and decide whether or not we want to go ahead with the adoption (like, please, as IF we wouldn't go ahead with it!!!). We then complete the adoption acceptance form and send it back to our agency who will then forward it to the CCAA. We were told that the translation would take approximately 4-5 business days and that we should expect the translated referral as well as additional paperwork to arrive by courier 5-7 after referral. So at the latest, we should receive the paperwork on the 9th......while I'm in California for my nieces' birthday no doubt!!! Oh well, I'll have to get it faxed over to me if it arrives while I'm away.

CB says that we should be hearing about additional information on travel dates tomorrow so maybe that means they're already working on that end of things. I could be ready tomorrow if they told me I had to be!! We will be leaving on Thursday for California where I plan to do a 'bit' of shopping for my girl. All the 12-18 month clothing I've purchased so far are going to be way too big for her but no worries......this mama knows how to shop and my girl won't be without some outfits that actually fit her. Besides, the shopping in California is, by far, better than around here so watch out Macy's and Nordstrom' I come!

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Bee's Blog said...

I think we will miss each other. We are expected to travel 4-7 weeks. Have fun in California!