Thursday, March 16, 2006

Could time go ANY SLOWER!!! The next round of referrals are due in the next couple of weeks and this time, I am pretty damn sure ours will be included. The CCAA would only have to cover 6 more days to complete all files that were logged-in in May of last year (that would be us). So unless I have no luck at all, I'll be posting her picture here in the next few weeks. It almost seems that the wait since the last set of referrals came out (end of February) till now has been longer and more excruciating than all the months prior. I guess I know we're getting close I can almost touch it!! I've been reading the rumour mill swarming through the Chinese adoption community and someone was saying that they heard from their next door neighbors cousin who works with a girl who has an aunt that has a friend who ran into someone at Walmart that overheard a lady in the checkout say that the next set was suppose to be coming out yesterday! Well yesterday came and went with no more information than the day before....I should have known. But when you're as desperate as I am, any sort of rumour would have your panties in a tizzy too!

So keep checking back in the next few weeks, I'm sure I'll have more positive news!


Anonymous said...

I love your blog. We're also en route to a daughter from China, but our DTC is November 2005. Before we had sent in our documents we were told to expect a 6 month wait but then after we got our DTC we found out the waits are more like 10-12 months. Yikes! I am already crazy about the waiting - to pass the time I check your website everyday ;) I'm looking forward to the day you post those photos of your daughter!

I agree that March seems like such a long month, so hopefully the rumour about another set of referrals mid-month comes true!


Our Journey to Jenna Maria said...

Dear Sonia,

Thanks for the comment (I love comments!!!) I hope your wait goes by quickly!! It's so hard to want something so badly only to have it always seem like it's past arms reach. Your day will come and boy will it be worth the wait!


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but people are saying the cut off is 5/30.