Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No time......

I've been trying to find time to update this blog for quite a while but by the time I get caught up on everyone else's blog, Jenna gets up from a nap or starts to lose fascination with the things I've throw over my shoulder for her to play with. How do you all find time to blog with little ones wanting your attention all day? I watched an episode of Super Nanny one day and one of her tips were to give your child their own activity table/sheet/or box to keep them occupied while doing work on the computer (not that I call this work or anything but I NEED to have my blog fix daily!!!). While this idea is good, I find that by the time I've spent 15 minutes or so on the computer, I turn around and Jenna has a multitude of things (such as cards, all 52 of them scattered all over the floor, old keys, pens, papers, books and old remote controls) all over the place and is STILL pleading "Up, Up, Up!". Then I feel bad for ignoring her and log off. Right now it's early and she's still sleeping.

Anyway, not alot new here. I know that I was suppose to post pictures of our CNY part at the restaurant (read above) and quite frankly, I really didn't take a lot of pictures. When we first got there, they wanted all 12 adults and 7 kids to sit at a round table for 15. WHAT!!??? Thank goodness we had an early reservation and were able to get 2 tables. Dinner was served a little later than I thought and the babies started to get a little antsy but otherwise turned out pretty good. The food just kept coming and coming and I thought it would never stop. All in all the food was quite tasty, except for a few dishes people pretty much passed on, like jelly fish (honestly looked like onions) and pickled pork hocks. After about an hour the place was jam packed and you could barely hear yourself talk but everyone had a good time.

Jenna's been growing like a weed and is also talking more and more everyday. Sometimes she goes into a babble that makes the husband and I just stare at each other and roar...it's just so darn cute! She pretty much understands everything we say, not necessarily listens to it all but understands it nonetheless.

She has her followup appt with her pediatrician on Wed and this is where I'll find out whether her iron levels have gone higher since she's been home with us. Her counts were low and she needed medication and iron supplements for a while. Her doctor thinks that it could be hereditary in which case there's not a lot she can do about it, but it could have also worked itself out. I guess we'll see.

Anyway, Jenna's waking up so I better wrap this up. My camera is downstairs so I'll try to download some pictures tonight.

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K said...

Ha ha! I can relate to your trials of blogging with a little one around. You'll notice that all of my blog entries are now at night -- ie. after Erin and Alex have gone to bed. There's always lots of other things that I should be doing then, but I can still usually get a quick blog entry in. (Even if it means the dirty dishes sit until the next day.) (And I'm putting this comment on your blog while I'm at work... best be quick about it.)

I do check your blog regularly and I always like it when you have a new entry on it. So keep it up (as hard as it is).