Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Jenna is hosting a Chinese New Year dinner with her little friends today at a local Chinese restaurant. I really wanted to invite the "whole family" (we have a really big extended family) but I decided that I'll incorporate CNY celebration when I do my annual Easter dinner. Anyway, they have a special menu for today and when I went and looked at it last week, they hadn't translated it to English yet so I thought I'd be brave and just go with it. Well, during the week I had second thoughts as most of the guests will be, ummmm, how do you say.....White or non-Asian. It's a good thing I went yesterday because dishes like fried sea urchin, fish ball soup and a couple other dishes didn't sound like they would go off too well among my Canadian friends, so I replaced them with some really "safe" dishes like fried rice, shrimp and noodles. I'm sure those traditional dishes are very tasty and I would probably try them myself, but I'd rather pay for food that I know will be eaten. Plus, I'm the biggest "white-washed" Filipino you'll ever meet so sticking to what I know is best. Anyway, I'll update tonight complete with pictures of Jenna's first Chinese New Year home with us!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting us to celebrate Chinese New Years with you Jenna!! Supper was awesome!! I especially loved the crab legs!!
Love your bud, Nessa xxx