Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where does the time go?????

I've been meaning to blog for quite a while now but when I went on the blog tonight, I didn't realize that it's been since October 19th that I've blogged last! Time is just going by way too fast. Anyway, I haven't got anything brilliant to say so I will just post the many pictures I've taken over the past few weeks...

Jenna & Allie (her Chinese "Cousin") having a play date at Chucky Cheese

"Hold on Allie, dont' be scared....I got it all under control!"

My ladybug hotdog wraps for my halloween party. It was a hit!!

Playing freeze dance with all the witches and princesses.

Jenna and her friends

Sporting her first ever set of pigtails....mommy was soooo happy!

Outside sledding with Daddy

"Look at me, I'm sitting on my new sled!! And I only did a face plant twice!"

Helping Daddy shovel the snow


Ryan and Heather said...

She's gotten so big!! That snowsuit is to DIE FOR! Where did you get it!? I absolutely love it! And the little pigtails!! Oh my god, sooooo adorable!!! I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Nice pix. thanks for posting. Can't wait to meet her.


Beth said...

The pictures are so adorable. I love the ones with J in the snow. Too cute!