Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week old post I forgot to post.......

Things around here have been pretty hum drum lately, hence the lack of posts to the blog!!!

Jenna started Preschool a couple of weeks ago and loves every minute of it, which doesn’t really surprise me since she is my little social butterfly. On her very first day she was almost vibrating with all the other little 2 and 3 year olds around as well as the new toys there were to play with. Her little friend V is also in the same class so it’s nice that she sees a familiar face in the crowd. And of course, in true new mommy fashion, my little peanut had on a new outfit and she also sported her very own knapsack!!! The whole ensemble was just way too cute for words. I think I was more excited about her starting school than she was!

And this Thursday, she will also be starting her gymnastics class as well. I don’t exactly know what to expect yet but with her loving to tumble around the house like she does, I’m sure she’ll love every minute of that as well. Jenna’s busier than I am these days! Both classes run all the way into November so hopefully I won’t be too big and uncomfortable by the time they end.

Jenna still continues to amaze us everyday. She still doesn’t talk in complete sentences yet but has a cute way of telling a story with very few words and a whole lot of expression. We took her to the zoo a few weeks ago and we witnessed a very large elephant bang her head against a wooden pillar. The husband and I both thought that if there would have been a trainer in there with her at that very moment, it wouldn’t have been pretty. Jenna witnessed the whole thing and didn’t really have a whole lot to say about it….until we got home. And since then, the same story, told pretty much the same way is heard a number of times daily. It goes something like this: Efedent. Boom. Head. Owie. Maaaaaaaddddd. Now we think it’s so cute that if we don’t hear it for a few hours or if family and friends are around and haven’t already heard it, we ask her about the elephant….and she will always gladly tell the story again, with as much expression as if it happened just moments ago. Now, she does tell other stories too, mostly about all the war wounds she gets when she’s with her daddy….and she has lots of those to tell! I’m sure it won’t be long at all until all those single words will make one long, coherent sentence. Until then, we’re quite enjoying this stage. Potty training is much better. We still have our accidents but for the most part, she pretty much tells us when she needs to go and now it’s because she NEEDS to go and not because she gets a jelly bean. That’s progress right?

The pregnancy is ticking along nicely. A little slow for my liking but everything has been checking out perfectly. Now that I’m into my 3rd trimester, I’m starting to feel very tired and very big. I can’t believe I still have 11 (or so) more weeks to go…I just can’t imagine how much bigger I’ll actually get!! (Scary thought!) This baby is definitely going to be an active little thing because there are times in the middle of the night that it kicks me awake. It’s such a weird feeling to me to know that wherever I am and whatever I’m doing…..I’m never alone!!! I must say though that being the worry wart I am, the kicking is definitely a reassuring feeling. What I’ve found utterly amazing during this whole experience is now that I am expecting, it seems everywhere I go, everyone else is expecting as well. Is it just me or could it be that I just notice pregnant bellies more now because I got one too? Weird. I must say that I really love being pregnant and all the tiredness, nausea, vomiting and just plain icky feeling has all been worth it so far. I’m so very thankful that I get to experience this whole thing AND that I have such a wonderful husband who helps out sooooo much when I’m sooooo tired! Life is good!

Jenna at the zoo riding on her first pony...she just about had her dadddy convinced that she needed one in her backyard!!!

Jenna's first day at "My first pre-school".

Making chocolate zuchinni muffins with Mommy. Yummy!

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