Saturday, April 21, 2007

New pictures..

I've now taken up all my free computer time catching up on my blog list that I only have time to post a few new pictures (well, maybe not so new). There a few new & exciting things going on in my life right now but I will write more about it later. For now, here's my sweet baby girl, who, by the way, is growing waaayyyyyy too fast!

Jenna's second hair cut. This is her "Cheese" smile. See the dorky mom behind her in the mirror?

Jenna has the thickest hair I've seen and it grows really fast!

Jenna all prettied up before going to my birthday dinner with friends. Who knew leopard would look so cute on her?

Easter at my brother and SIL place. At this point, she had no idea what was inside those eggs...

Aaahaaaa! This is why these silly people are going "goo goo" over me finding these eggs....CHOCOLATE!!!!


1 comment:

Dawn and Dale said...

THANK YOU soooo much for posting on my blog!!

I guess I lost track of your blog but when I read your name on my comments I remembered EXACTLY who you were!!!

WOW!!! Jenna has gotten soooo big!!!!

She's still as beautiful as ever though!!!!

I've now added you to my bloglines so I won't loose you again!!!