Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm a bad blogger....

I have such great intentions when it comes to my blog. Every little thing Jenna does that’s so cute or a new milestone that she’s conquered or even just some silly thing she did during the day, I think are all cause for a blog entry BUT I never seem to find the time to sit in front of my computer and compose something that I think would be interesting enough for all of you who follow my blog. I sometimes think I’ll sound like just another first time mommy who is absolutely head over heals in love with her little girl that how she ate her yogurt in the morning or how many poos she had in a day would be interesting to anyone other than me….and maybe her daddy.

A day in the life of little Miss Jenna is pretty much the same….busy! I try to make it so that there are a couple of days during the week where we have nothing planned or don’t have to go out and run errands but lately, there aren’t many down days in this household. My life before Jenna would have me out of the house pretty much all day doing…well….not a lot of things that were necessarily productive but a lot of fun for me. Things that I think about every now and again and think I may get to do again when Jenna is older and in school. Things like play a round of golf (badly) during those beautiful summer mornings and not care how long it takes, go for lunch and a movie once a week or just go out to eat at a nice restaurant and not have to tear food into tiny bite sized pieces or bring my famous diaper bag that literally has everything Jenna might need for a week away (I’m still learning that I don’t need 10 diapers for an afternoon out!). But all those thoughts sort of fade away when I think of how much I love having my little sidekick to hang out with all day. All that other stuff is nice to be able to do, but she is my best work in the making!

Tomorrow is her long awaited dermatology appointment and it can’t come soon enough. When we were in China, she would get these sores on her head that she would scratch like nobody’s business, and then they would start to puss and get all gross. It would come, stay a few days and then go away, only to come back a few days later. Well, it hasn’t stopped and in fact, it started to get worse. I’ve been to the pediatrician who thought it was scabies so we treated her for scabies….not scabies, then she tested them for parasites….not parasites. Over the weekend we went boating on the river and I thought she got a few insect bites on her arms. Then a few days ago, I thought she had bumped her head on something because there were a few marks on her forehead. Well it turns out that all of the sores weren’t what I thought, they turned out to be the same thing she’s got on her head, in all its pussy glory. So hopefully tomorrow I can find out exactly what it is and get rid of it once and for all. She never really complains much about it. She usually scratches them when she sleeping or when she actually looks at them and remembers they’re there. I did put 2 band aids on her arm and today, when she was getting up from her nap, I walked into her room and noticed she had something in her mouth. Well, she had picked both band aids off and was chewing on them. Thank goodness I walked in when I did or she would have choked and I don’t know baby CPR! I think I scared her when I freaked out because she started doing the ‘ugly cry’, you know the one where you can’t seem to catch your breath. Poor thing.

Today we met Jenna’s China cousin 'A' and her mom for lunch. They haven’t really seen each other since China and it was so nice to see her again. ‘A’ has been learning sign language and is the cutest little smarty pants, and then there’s my Jenna, babbling whatever to whoever, throwing food all over the floor and picking her nose (okay, so she wasn’t picking her nose but she may as well have, she was being naughty!). It was great fun anyway to have the girls together again.

Well that's it for tonight...the morning comes too fast. I haven't downloaded my pictures from my camera yet but I'll try to get pictures on here tomorrow.

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