Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday events......

Yesterday we went to a local porcelain store and bought a really nice tea pot set for us and a set of 4 little container type things for Jenna. Then we went to the People’s Park and walked around there for about 40 minutes. I love being around the people. I think I get a kick out of them just as much as they enjoy watching us. I took a picture of a little boy who came to say hello to Jenna and he was wearing what a lot of the children wear here….split pants. They have no underwear under these pants, just an opening for them to squat and do their business. Again, it was really hot and Gary and I were drenched. We’re starting to get used to feeling that way around here. Hopefully in Beijing the weather won’t be so hot. Jenna doesn’t seem to do well in the heat as she gets a heat rash all over her face and legs….poor thing. Our guide sent us to the store to get some sort of spray that we’re suppose to use but as of yet, it’s still not helping all that much. I don’t know if it’s a combination of the heat, the soap I use to bath her, the laundry detergent I used back home to wash her clothes or the sunscreen I put on her. I’m clueless here!!! We’ll probably still see that doctor in Beijing and hopefully he’ll have a remedy for it.

Anyway, I should start getting all of our stuff packed and get Jenna up for breakfast. She always has such a hard time waking herself up. Yesterday we had to be downstairs by 9:30 and she was still sleeping at 7:30 (had to have time for breakfast and that’s a long ordeal for us), so we woke her up. Are you suppose to wake a sleeping baby….probably not. Well she did not like it one bit! When she finally stopped whining and rubbing her eyes, she opened her eyes a happy baby! She is such a good baby. She’s teething right now so the poor thing is a little cranky but she still manages to giggle and be happy. Gary taught her a bad game yesterday where she stands holding the edge of the bed and then she just pushes herself back. Gary is always behind her to catch her and I think she knows this but one of these times he won’t be and my baby will crack her head open of something…..she has no fear this little one! We love her to pieces!

Porcelain Store (I had another picture up here but it's not showing up????)

The 'Tidal Wave' at the People's Park

Children painting pottery

Could it be love....?

The 'sweaty' family....

Daddy loves teaching Jenna how to walk.

Ladies in the hotel lobby greeting guests for some convention happening yesterday morning. The hotel lobby was so crowded!

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Neecy79 said...

I can't believe Kuya Gary has, not one , not two, but many pictures on here! Ha ha ha!

Now we really know he'll do anything for Jenna! Lol!


ps - i love your pictures! She's so cute! and she seems to have adjusted really well to the both of you! And also, I Don't think that there is a cure for heat rash - you just gotta hide from the sun, wait it out or give her some sort of allergy medicine, like an antihistamine (if it's itchy). I don't know what that would be in Chinese.