Sunday, July 02, 2006


What a day yesterday was!! How can you describe a day that you have been talking about, preparing for, and dreaming about for the past year and a was incredible and undescribable. More on the story later is our Jenna!

(You can click on any picture to make them larger.

I'll post more later.....time to go stare at her sleeping some more. We are so in love.....words escape me!


Anonymous said...

lovely pics. Can't wait to meet her!!

Jo-Ann Yewchuk said...


I am so happy for you all.

I can't wait to meet her!

Have a wonderful vacation and a safe trip home,

Dawn and Dale said...

Oh what a cutie!!! Must have been such an amazing day!!!!

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful Jenna. She is SO Pretty. We can't wait for you to bring your dolly home. We are looking forward to getting to know her - we are already in love with her.
Yeahhh for Pink!!!!
"Girl Power"!!!!
Love K and M and the girls xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Gi, those are beautiful pictures especially you THREE!!!!
SO HAPPY FOR YOU MY may have a baby, but you will be my BABY FOREVER !!!!


Scott said...

You have an adorable little girl. Congrats!!

Neecy79 said...

Hi ate Gigi, & Kuya Gary,

I'm so happy for you 3, from the pictures she seems to be adjusting well with the new parents...

Don't know any other couple that deserve this much blesssing... you'd both make wonderful parents.

Can't wait to meet her.


Gita & Matt said...

She is sooo adorable.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gigi & Gary,

We're so happy for you and to see your pictures with your adorable Jenna! We're all looking forward meeting her soon. You both deserve this wonderful blessing.

Have a safe trip home.

Jennie & Frank
Jillian & Selina