Wednesday, July 12, 2006

And what else......more shopping!

Today seemed to be a repeat of the past few days here, filled with more shopping. We ended up skipping the Silk Factory tour in the morning but instead, went with a few other families back to the silk market. Let’s just say that Jenna will have enough shoes and silk dresses until she’s about 5. After spending a couple of hours there, we headed over to Pizza Hut for lunch with T & H before walking back to the hotel to catch another bus to yet another market. They’re all starting to look the same to me. Our guide Marui did take us to a little jewelry shop that sold Chinese pendants so that was really cool. After that shopping trip, we went out for dinner with a bunch of families to a Chinese restaurant across the street from our hotel. One of the families had our guide write down some dishes in Chinese so that it would be easier for us to order…things like Lemon Chicken and Sweet & Sour Pork but we were told they didn’t have it. Good thing they had pictures for some of the dishes so we just used the point and order method and hoped for the best. It ended up being really tasty. There were 4 families at our table and the bill came to $10 per family for about 7 or 8 dishes! You can’t beat that price. After dinner, we started walking back to our hotel and when we got out from the under ground tunnel, the rain storm was just ready to hit so we made a run for it. Jenna started crying because she was flailing around her stroller as Gary ran for shelter so he had to take her out and run while carrying her. We got into the hotel just in time as once we got up to our room, we heard the rain and the thunder. I think we’re going to get a repeat of last night….the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. The one good thing about this weather is that it only seems to rain at night and during the day is actually quite beautiful.

Tomorrow will be our last full day here in China as all the families are leaving on Friday…some earlier to get to Toronto, and about 4 or 5 families heading to Vancouver a few hours later. I can’t believe our trip is finally coming to an end. I know that in one of my earlier posts I wrote that we’re eager to get home but it’s also bittersweet to be leaving the country who gave us the family we’ve been dreaming of for years. Jenna continues to amaze us everyday with her personality and her resilience. She’s quite simply the most perfect child for us and I will be forever grateful to this country for making that happen. It’s just so hard to imagine that she’s ours to love for the rest of her life; it chokes me up every time I look at her. This whole adventure has been just so emotional. Now that our China journey is coming to and end, I hope that her transition to Canada will be as smooth as when we first got her. At least here, she still recognizes the language somewhat and the sights and sounds are still what she’s use to, but, once again, things are going to change for this little girl, and goodness knows that she’s been through enough. I’m counting on that resiliency to shine through. I’m just attaching a few shots of our girl in one of many of her happy moments….enjoy!

(Okay, I can't seem to post any pictures.....I'll try again tomorrow, I'm too tired to keep fighting with blogger tonight!)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see you at the airport.
It's time to bring our girl home.

Anonymous said...

Actually that last one is from
'T' K

Anonymous said...

I'm picturing Izzie in that outfit & her age at the time so I can get a feel of how big Jenna seems that Jenna is the same size as Izzie when she was that age. I can't wait to see her!