Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogger doesn't want to co-operate!!!!

So this is the picture I was trying to insert in my last post but blogger wouldn't let me. Bad Blogger, bad!

This is our official "Bring Jenna Home" card. There she is, all black and white on the bottom of the sheet. I'm sure she's changed so much since this picture was taken, I hope I'll still be able to recognize her.

We are still waiting for our in-China travel itinerary which we were suppose to have the beginning of this week but probably won't get until next week. Also, our passports and other travel documents will be mailed out next week sometime and then I think we have everything we need. I'm doing a wedding cake this weekend so this week was a complete write off for any packing or sorting out of Jenna's room but the next 2 weeks will be devoted to getting ready for the trip.

20 more days!!!!!!

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Glo said...

Congratulations, It won't be long now!!!