Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Let the frustration begin!

It seems that nothing throughout this journey has been easy. I thought that after we received referral, things would just magically work itself out.....not the case. Between communication with our agency, paperwork problems, and now, to add to the excitement, travel arrangements, the last part of this process has turned into a 3-ring circus! I'm too exhausted to even get into the details right now, but let's just say, I can't get to China and back fast enough!!!!

As it stands, we are still going to be leaving around June 30th (could be the as early as the 28th or 29th, depending on availability) and coming back on July 14th. I have not gotten word on our Travel Approvals yet. This is what the CCAA sends to our agency to let us know that we are approved to travel to their country to pick up our child. I know that they have already been issued for other families who are working with other agencies but our agency has not communicated this information with us....yet. As well, I haven't heard anything about our Consulate appointments either. This is normally what we need to book our trip around. I'm going to assume this date has already been secured as we already have our travel dates sets, again however, we were not communicated this information. (See my frustration!!!!????) I realize that there are many different agencies who all do things differently but I don't get how I feel so left out of the loop?? It probably doesn't help that I read all sorts of blogs day in and day out and get a glimpse of how other agencies (in Canada, and the U.S.) handle referral and travel, but once referral happens, how different can the process be??? I just don't get it.

With something as important as this, it is very hard to just "ASSUME" that things are being done on your behalf, especially when it seems like I'm the one who's having to ask for things over and over and over again.

Okay, I'm done. Now, I just have to look forward and hope that things start to get easier from here on end. I should have a travel itinerary in the next couple of days....


Glo said...

Yep I hear why you are frustrated. Will be keeping an eye out for your information. I think we will all know when you have it!!! Soon I hope!

Dawn and Dale said...

Hi Gigi!!

Thanks so much for the help on my blog!!!

I visit here all the time but I guess I haven't read your blogroll for awhile! ;)

Hope you hear concete information soon about your travel and China appointments!! '

You'll be arriving home with Jenna on my birthday!!!

I can not WAIT to follow your journey there!!


Hugh & Sonia said...

Hang in there, Gigi. I know your frustration. We had one week notice to secure our travel, so once you do get your CA confirmed, things will move really fast. I won't bore you with the snafus we had up until yesterday. It will work out, and it will be no time before you are holding your sweet Jenna in your arms.