Friday, January 06, 2006

Trying to look on the bright side

Well today, the highly anticipated weekly update from our agency was right there, sitting in my inbox this morning, looking all glorious and full of hope with good news and positive thoughts....until I opened it of course! There was good news and bad news.... Good news is that our group (232) is still one group closer to getting our referrals as Group 229 received theirs this week (that is me looking on the bright side). Bad news is that the wait could very well be a bit longer than we expected:

"....we have to give you rather unhappy news. Group 229’s files were registered at the CCAA in the latter part of April 2005. The CCAA is only matching two weeks of files per month now, having dropped from two months worth at one stage, to one month, now to only two weeks. This means that in February, they will only match files registered before May 15th, 2005. Our next groups, 230, 231 and 232 were all registered after May 16th 2005. Accordingly, we anticipate we will not receive any referrals in February. This also means that time from registration to referral is creeping up to ten months and we expect it soon will be a year to referral. Families in waiting should anticipate these longer time lines and plan accordingly.We understand that this is discouraging for many of you and not the way we would choose to start the New Year.CCAA Director Lu, in a recent speech, indicated that the number of healthy babies in China is in decline while the number of families wishing to adopt keeps growing. CCAA simply cannot match all the waiting families as quickly as the families, and in fact CCAA, likes. They have effectively put on the brakes.We appreciate this unexpected and rather sudden increase in wait times is hard to take, and has thrown off planning for many of you. It is the unfortunate reality of international adoption that anything from changes in waiting time, to closures of programs, can happen in the blink of an eye and with no forewarning."

It's so hard to not be in control!!! I like to be in control!!!

With all this waiting, one would think I'm giving birth to an Asian elephant (average gestation: 645 days)!!!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Gigi,
I read through your blog and I can't wait to hear what happens next. Good luck to you guys and your precious little Jenna. May she be with you in her new home soon !!
All the very best,