Monday, January 30, 2006

Happy (Belated) Chinese New Years!!!

I had all these great plans to partake in Chinese New Year's celebrations this weekend but I found it more necessary to try and finish up Jenna's room. It is now fully painted and all her furniture now sits in her new room (albeit in pieces, but it's in there damnit!!). And holy man are there a lot of pieces. Good luck OneG (my new computer name for my hubby...cute huh) on putting it together by yourself as we both know that we don't work well together at the best of times. But I did mention to OneG and a few friends that from now on, I will be hosting a yearly CNY celebration to honor Jenna's homeland. I'll have to do some research on traditional customs (like asking my SIL who is Chinese) and try to incorporate that into it, but for people who know me, entertaining is my second name. OneG just shook his head when I shared this news, probably thinking that it's just one more reason for me to throw a party.....and he's right!

Now onto some news, or lack thereof. For what it's worth, here what Children's Bridge had to say in their weekly newsletter:

I am leading off with unhappy news, with no easy way to convey it. I have no positive news on referrals this week, nor will I for another month. The cut off date for matching of referrals this month is May 13th, 2005. Regrettably, this means CB will not receive any referrals.CCAA will close for a week for Lunar New Year. This means the next group of referrals likely will not come until early March. Then we expect to receive groups 230, 231 registered on May 16th and, if our luck changes, Group 232, registered in China on May 31st. Time lines from registration at CCAA to referral is now at ten months, with travel about two months later.On the upside we have no sense that the China program is in jeopardy overall. Adoptions are still happening and will continue, if more slowly.

I'm hoping that the part that says "early March" for referral is just them being extra cautious. Like what happened to February?? They could still match in Februray, no? Am I grasping at straws here?? Oh well, I guess in the meantime, we'll finish up the nursery and get the house baby-ready. It's almost February so what's ANOTHER month right?

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